AAFCANS is proud to be a not-for-profit organisation and member of the Australian Defence Force family. Our core aim is to serve this community as best as we can. As such, any additional funds we make go back to Defence and our customers through disbursements, price cuts and facility improvements.

Profits from local vending machines are received by each base’s SADFO in the form of a cheque (usually on a quarterly basis). He/she disburses these funds in a way that best serves their local personnel.

In the 2016/2017 Financial Year, AAFCANS contributed $538,126.38 
to the Army and Air Force
through its automated retail vending program.

In excess of 280 AAFCANS branded state-of-the-art vending machines are in operation across ADF bases, earning vending monies for welfare funds. Not only does AAFCANS vending program provide members with the latest popular convenience products it also helps to earn big dollars for the bases’ welfare funds. The vending machines offer out-of-hours convenience which is widely appreciated by the base communities that use them. The bases where the sales are generated benefit directly from the vending profits and activities. For the FY 16/17 AAFCANS vending program gave back $538,126.38 to Defence welfare.

AAFCANS is part of Defence and is a not-for-profit organisation that exists solely for the welfare of Defence Members and has done so since 1915. AAFCANS directly provides amenities and convenience products and services across 27 ADF bases. The money spent at AAFCANS outlets stays within the Defence family and any profits made are channelled into future investment, continuous innovation and improvement to facilities and services for soldiers, airmen & airwomen.

                   AAFCANS Vending Disbursements FY16-17

Lavarack North Queensland Amenities Fund  $            116,643
Gallipoli EAAF Welfare  $             58,382
Latchford & Bandiana Albury Wadonga Military Area Amenities Fund  $             56,405
Kapooka Relief Trust Fund - RTF General  $             52,717
Puckapunyal Puckapunyal Area Amenities Board  $             51,067
Holsworthy LMA Amenities Fund  $             36,034
RAAF Williamtown RAAF Williamtown Unit Welfare  $             25,915
ACT ACT Army Welfare, ACT Welfare Recreation Company, ACT RANCCF  $             22,488
RAAF Edinburgh Formation Welfare Edinburgh  $             18,074
Watsonia Watsonia Area Ammenities Committee  $             16,771
RAAF Amberley RAAF Amberley Welfare  $             12,590
Robertson & Berrimah First Brigade Disbursement Fund  $             12,590
RAAF Wagga Unit Welfare Base - SQN  $             12,176
Canungra Kokoda Barracks Regimental Trust Fund  $             11,921
RAAF Darwin RAAF Darwin Base Ammenities Com  $             11,654
RAAF Townsville National Access Townsville Welfare  $               4,987
Randwick Barracks Randwick Barracks Canteen Fund  $               4,733
RAAF Richmond Base Welfare RAAF Richmond  $               3,758
Army Army Central Amenities  $               2,263
Woodside Barracks Sixteen AL Regiment Funds  $               1,726
RAAF Williams RAAF Williams Welfare Committee  $               1,326
Navy RAN Central Canteens Fund  $               1,210
RAAF Tindal RAAF Tindal Welfare Fund  $                  867
Singleton Singleton Area Amenities Fund  $                  793
Glenbrook Barracks Officers Mess Glenbrook Welfare Fund  $                  397
Borneo Barracks    $                  252
Oakey AAVNTC Regimental Trust Fund  $                  226
Duntroon RMC College Association  $                  163
ADFA ADFA  $                    -