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silicon germanium bombayharbor

germanium vs. silicon reverb news

germanium vs. silicon. published dec 17 2014 by jamie wolfert. tips and how-to's; a question often posed when scouring the ends of the earth (or just the ends of the internet) for the mythical ideal fuzz pedal is "germanium or silicon" the debate is an old one and it stems from the fact that the earliest fuzzes like the original '60s era

difference between silicon and germanium compare the

moreover germanium atom has a larger radius than silicon. apart from that another notable difference between silicon and germanium is that in certain temperatures germanium has more free electrons than silicon. thus the conductivity of germanium is higher. summary – silicon vs germanium. both silicon and germanium are useful as

silicon-germanium - wikipedia

the use of silicon-germanium as a semiconductor was championed by bernie meyerson. sige is manufactured on silicon wafers using conventional silicon processing toolsets. sige processes achieve costs similar to those of silicon cmos manufacturing and are lower than those of other heterojunction technologies such as gallium arsenide.

germanium and silicon in fuzz – what’s the difference

germanium vs silicon this is often an intensely debated topic. learn the difference between these two types of diodes and how they affect your fuzz pedal's tone. let’s talk about the difference between germanium and silicon transistors and what it means to guitar players and audio in general especially fuzz.

fuzz face mini silicon vs germanium shootout - youtube

dunlop fuzz face germanium vs silicon fuzz before/after wah history and more! - duration: 19:32. jj tanis 343095 views. 19:32. how to spot a fake fender in seconds!

germanium vs. silicon transistors - robert keeley

germanium vs. silicon transistors. september 11 2013; overdrive/distortion technical; one facet of the design process here at keeley electronics comes down to selecting not just the highest quality components for use in our pedals but the right component for the sounds we’re trying to achieve.

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