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iron ore crusher upgrad e equipment

how to get better equipment early on - the elder scrolls

quick gear upgrades definitely smithing (and some enchanting) is the way to go. collect iron ore everywhere you can. it's dirt cheap (cheaper than ingots). if you're playing pre-1.05 you can fast level smithing by making iron daggers & hide bracers. if not my advice is to get your smithing up to 50 and go up the so-called "light armor" path.

upgrading a tool - harvest moon: animal parade answers

when i go to the blacksmith to upgrade my tools it's not allowing me. i have the three ores i need to upgrade the tool and the tool is past the first skill. why won't it let me upgrade the tool i upgraded my tools to iron with three iron ore and 2400 gold (i think that was the amount) before ringing any bells. i hadn't shipped any ores

iron ore crusher upgrade equipment -

iron ore crushing equipment - mineral crusher. iron ore crushing equipment currently a jaw crusher is widely used in the country and hammer crusher for ore fragmentation pattern after passing through the broken hammer crusher go straight to the selected job.

iron ore crusher upgrade equipment -

iron ore crusher upgrade equipment - know more. cone crusher is among the critical iron ore crusher devic of the cone crusher equipment can efficiently fix the problem of scarcity of iron ore assets just after technological know-how upgrading and steady enhancement cone crusher is .

training smithing - the elder scrolls v: skyrim special

craft iron armor(alot faster than daggers if you've stocked up on the resources) steel armor even leather armor its expensive but gets the job done don'r forget the warrior standing stone & slp bonus for +30%exp really smithing is an easy skill to raise if your not lazy its was way too easy with iron daggers hence why it got patched & its still way to easy between paying for training

not able to forge/upgrade tier 1 weapons - monster hunter

kamiyansan posted i'm about to go to zorah magdaros quest everything has been smooth so far but i haven't been able to upgrade/forge weapons for some reason i've only been able to stick with the first tier 1 weapons the upgrades for them don't show the materials and say that i cannot forge the weapon.

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